Color Alteration

Color Alteration

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Color Alteration   Icon color alteration - 123-Imageprocessing

What is color alteration?
Color alteration is the changing of one color in the image to a new color post-production, without having to take multiple photos of the image from the beginning.

With the use of the clipping or masking tool, the editor selects a specific color in the image to be altered. In a different layer of the editing program, the editor can change the color of the object while still keeping the original shadowing and tones of the object.
This is extremely useful because only a single photo of the object is necessary to produce a large quantity of images of the object in multiple colors. This editing form is generally outsourced to professional editing companies in order to maximize time efficiency.

Example: Color alteration is used frequently in catalogues and online shops to display the same object with each color that it is available in.

Alternative spellings: color change, colour alteration and colour change

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