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Optimize your pictures with perfectly retouched images

Need help with retouching your images? Image flaws, scratches, skin blemishes – we can eliminate distracting elements by retouching your images according to your individual requirements. Digital image processing offers numerous possibilities for image retouching and is ideally suited for fashion photography as well as beauty and product images.

Our Photo Retouching Service

  • Image retouching of irregularities and successive image flaws
  • Beauty retouching: specific correction of flaws and enhancing of attractive details
  • Image manipulation: removal or inclusion of entire image elements
  • Retouching service for high quality catalogue and online product presentations


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Photo Retouching Service
Photo Retouching Service

Retouching derives from the French term retouche, meaning “later improvement”. In general, retouching refers to subsequently improving the surface of a picture. Before the time of digital image editing, retouching was done manually. There are several methods of this so-called “analogue retouching”. Digital retouching is now indispensible in modern media due to its rapid development.

Image editing software, particularly Adobe Photoshop, not only fostered the development of digital retouching, but also the general development of retouching along with a profession specializing in retouching. Programs with the best user surface and wide-ranging functions to achieve a professional outcome are accordingly high-priced. Although other providers offer “light” versions, even for free in some cases, these are not cut out for professional use. “Light” versions simply do not operate as accurate and wide-ranging.

Functions of digital retouching – Photo Retouching Service

The main functions of digital retouching are the removal of visible flaws, adjustment of sharpness to change the subjective visual acuity of the viewer and manipulation of the picture to create flawless faces or objects.
The latest versions of image editing programs are very complex, and offer a wide range of different techniques.

By using these special filter techniques, it is possible to change the quality of each picture. The editor can adjust brightness and contrast, sharpen or soften the image as well as adjust colors. Most of these techniques offer tools to work especially on single areas of the image.

Retouching, especially in beauty photography, requires a detail-oriented editor working with great accuracy. In some cases, the editor has to rework the picture pixel-precise to create the desired effect. This is a time consuming task, and often requires years of practice. Should companies be unable to handle these tasks themselves for reasons such as lack of time they can outsource the retouching process to a professional within our company.


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