Professional Image Editing for Online Shops

Effective sales presentations for your online shop or catalogue!

Your online shop or catalogue will benefit from our image editing skills. We offer efficient and impressive services with attractive terms.

Our Services:

We offer a plurality of image editing techniques, which are co-ordinated with the perfect presentation of products in online shops and catalogues:

  • Clipping — By removing the background we can isolate an object within the whole image, allowing the object to be placed on any desired background.
  • Ghost modeling — With only two images we create a transparent 3D-ghostmodel.
  • Color Correction — We edit the clipped image for the accurate color.
  • Shadows and reflections — We supply the clipped image with shadows or reflections to create a realistic effect.
  • Retouching — A broad retouching-service for high quality product presentations.

You will find a detailed list of all services here

Your benefits

  • Reduce your production and marketing costs by outsourcing the extensive image editing work to us
  • Enhance your selling rate with impressive product presentation
  • Decrease the return rate with an ideal online presentation of colors, textures and product details
  • Pictures are re-formatted and saved for online and offline media use
  • Differentiate yourself from competitors by an outstanding visual product presentation
  • Our 24-hour return time allows you to publish the images quickly
  • Flexible editing of large image amounts in a short time frame

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Arrow By the way: We edit your images by following the terms of reference from Amazon and eBay

Image processing for online shops

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