Image Clipping

Image Clipping

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What is image clipping?

Image clipping refers to the method of separating an object from its background in an editing software.

Image editing programs have the ability to cut out people, products, or other objects from an image allowing them to be easily edited in the post-processing phase. The clipping path tool is used to make the extraction of the object possible. The editor traces the object manually in the editing software to create a vector path that separates the object from its surroundings. The result is an optimal and pixel-precise clip-out of the image that can then be placed on a different background without any problems and then further edited.

Grafik & Design

Example: Online shops are one of the many places where clipped product images can be found. The product is clipped and then placed on a white background to remove all potential distractions and display the product at its full potential to the buyer.

Alternative spellings: Image processing, Image-editing

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