White Balance

White Balance

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What is white balance?
Editing white balance is the process of adjusting the color casts in the image. The editor takes into account the “color temperature” or the warmth or coolness of the image, and adjusts the image accordingly to portray a more natural coloring of the image.

To edit the white balance the editor finds a pixel to represent the ideal white of the image. By selecting this pixel the program adjusts the surrounding pixels to the altered color balance resulting in a more natural appearance. Image editing programs can also include filters to intensify specific color effects in the picture. In many cases, the editor shifts the color range between the tonal values of red and yellow. This method is especially useful for skin tones and emphasizes the expressiveness of the picture. This form of editing is mainly used to change the mood of the image. An image with bluish tones can evoke melancholy emotions, whereas warmer tones, such as red or yellow can bring about feelings of happiness or energy.

White Balance
Example: Editors adjust the white balance when the original lighting in the photo does not capture the correct mood or atmosphere the photographer was attempting to capture.

Alternative spellings: color balance, color cast,WB, color temperature

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