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Vectorization   Icon vectorization - 123-Bildbearbeitung

What is vectorization?
The term vectorization describes the converting of raster graphics to vector graphics. This type of graphic consists of lines and curves which are determined by vectors.

During the process of vectorizing, each individual pixel is modified in the graphic. When vector graphics are scaled, enlarged or narrowed, the picture quality remains the same, because the change is made only to a single vector. This process does not harm the other qualities of the image such as the color or shape and they are still able to be edited. Vector graphics are not dependent on resolution, which is extremely useful because these graphics can still be displayed and printed without any loss of quality.

Example: Logos are generally vecotorized to allow for easy editing and adjusting in order to remain at the highest possible quality regardless of what form of media it is used in.

Alternative spellings: vectorizing

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